British meat key to foodservice success

Foodservice companies looking to gain consumers’ trust should use more British meat and making customers aware of it, according to the National Pig Association (NPA). 

Nearly 70% of shoppers trust the meat they buy in supermarkets either a lot or a fair amount, compared to only 58% of those who said they trusted the meat they are served in restaurants and just 17% in fast food restaurants, according to a recent YouGov survey.

The NPA pointed to Sainsbury’s as a good example of a company that has seen its business boosted by the implementation of a policy of only using British pork, ham and sausages. It has since rolled this out to include its sandwiches and in-store cafes, resulting in a 10% upturn in this part of the business.

“We know sourcing more British meat and promoting the fact on-pack to customers means supermarkets have stolen a huge lead on restaurants and fast-food chains when it comes to gaining public trust,’ said NPA chairman Richard Lister.

“If foodservice companies want the public to trust them to a similar degree, the answer is staring them in the face. They should copy Sainsbury’s by serving British pork and pork products, and advertising the fact widely.”

Sainsbury’s makes a point of using the Union Flag on pork products in-store, and is now extending this to its foodservice message. It says the use of British pork will continue to raise consumer awareness and consumption of British pork.

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