Brakes commits to all-British lamb range

Brakes is to relaunch its Prime Meats lamb range to enable caterers to serve products which are easily traceable and produced by British farmers. 

From 1 July, all of its chilled lamb will be free range, grass fed and 100% British. It will also be under 12 months old, from Red Tractor Assured Farms and AHDB Beef and Lamb Quality Standard Certified as standard, as well as offering premium Welsh and West Country cuts which are Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) approved.

Marcel Obry, senior product development manager, said: “It is very common for foodservice suppliers and catering butchers to supply a mixture of UK and imported lamb, typically from New Zealand. But, with our Prime Meats range priding itself on farm-to-fork traceability, strict technical standards and extensive testing, we felt the best way to encompass these values was by switching to 100% British.

“Sourcing from British farms also means our chilled lamb will always be fresh and never frozen, unlike imported lamb which is often frozen during the transportation process and then thawed,” he added. “Our commitment will make it simple for our customers to support British farmers and ensure they are consistently serving quality lamb dishes.”

Hugh Judd, AHDB Beef and Lamb foodservice project manager, praised Brakes for the move. “We are delighted to hear the news that Brakes will shortly be moving its supply to 100% Quality Standard Mark Scheme lamb. Lamb produced under the scheme addresses consumer concerns about eating quality, including factors such as succulence, tenderness and product consistency, as well as providing caterers with a guarantee of food safety, animal welfare and care for the environment. This is good news for our farmers and even better news for Brakes’ customers.”

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