New standard set for catering butchers

The National Association of Catering Butchers (NACB) has officially launched its new standard. 

The standard is given to those who are able to show the origins of their food, as well as consider the environmental impacts and animal welfare.

Following recent food fraud incidents, the new standard incorporates integrity elements alongside food safety.

In an effort to assist chefs with new food labelling requirements, in particular concerning allergen rules, the NACB standard requires the butcher to correctly label their products in order to support the chef further down the line.

“Since the last NACB standard was launched in 2007, the meat industry has faced enormous challenges and changes and the food industry has been deluged by food safety standards,” said Helen Short, managing director of Absolute Quality Consultancy & Training.

“The members felt that none of the standards available took the unique aspects and complexities of the meat industry into consideration and they wanted a standard that stood out from the rest, one that reflected the morals and values of the NACB.”

The way in which the standard has been designed means that NACB butchers can understand their customers’ requirements. This allows them to deliver the very highest level of service, quality, consistency and values to their customers.

Short continued: “We have restructured the standard in a simpler, more logical user-friendly format supporting:

• embedding the established principles and practices of food safety into the culture of the organisation
• the ability to demonstrate traceability of food to its source
• a clear focus on animal welfare
• customer and consumer confidence in quality, safety and product integrity
• understanding and minimising of the environmental aspects and impacts
• current best practice in line with BRC issue 7
• continual improvement within the business.

“The standard has been enthusiastically received by NACB members and great interest has been shown across the catering sector.”

NACB chairman Peter Allen is pleased with how the standard has developed over the years. “I was involved in the creation of the first NACB Standard following the formation of the NACB in 1983. I am proud that we have continued to raise the standard in the catering butchery sector. I am delighted that we are now launching the latest version of the standard, which really sets NACB catering butchers apart from the rest of the industry.”

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