Innovative breakfast kebab launched

Premium kebab specialist Chifafa has created a unique breakfast kebab. 

The dish is made up from dry cured bacon, free-range egg, tomatoes, feta, parsley, coriander and spicy tomato chilli sauce served on fluffy souvlaki bread.

Sven-Hanson Britt, who last year found fame as runner-up on Masterchef: The Professionals, created the kebab in the hopes of offering hungry commuters something different on their way to work.

Nick Green is the co-founder of Chifafa. “We’ve been working on this for a while and we think the idea of a breakfast kebab is something the public is more than ready for. We’ve spent the last six months convincing people that kebabs were the perfect lunchtime meal and now we think it’s time the kebab inhabited the breakfast space as well.”

Based in Clerkenwell in central London, Chifafa’s prides itself on being a high-end kebab restaurant with the intent of diminishing negative connotations surrounding the dish.

“We’re trying to alter perceptions of the kebab and make it something respected and loved, rather than something many people consider as a guilty pleasure on the way home from the pub,” said Green.

The company’s menu consists of slow-cooked lamb shoulder, chicken thighs, British veal shoulder, falafel and several additional herbs and flavourings.

“We just try to focus on the best fresh ingredients and ethically sourced meat, but we also concentrate on making them affordable and relatively fast for the many people who want to eat really good-quality food quickly.”

“Our kebabs are a million miles away from your late-night doner and we hope the breakfast kebab will find favour, because it’s something a little different in quite a crowded breakfast market.”

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