Butcher’s campaign highlights dangers of barbecues

Lee Evans of G N Badley & Sons wants to highlight the dangers of carbon monoxide and barbecues
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As summer reaches its peak, a new campaign, launched by butcher’s shop G N Badley & Sons in Shropshire, will draw attention to the dangers of barbecues while raising money for charity. 

Following the death of a 14-year-old local girl from carbon monoxide poisoning in 2012, when a barbecue was placed inside a tent to keep dry, 10% of the sale for each new pack of four chorizo burgers will be donated to the charity Carbon Monoxide Awareness.

“We felt it was important to raise awareness of this issue and the safety precautions barbecue users should take,” said senior butcher at G N Badley & Sons Lee Evans.

“We don’t want to see any repeats in Shropshire – or anywhere else for that matter – of the tragedy of 2012. It happens all too often, so whatever we can do to help, we will.”

This is the first time the butcher’s store will be stocking the chorizo burgers. With the height of barbecue season under way, the company hopes to capitalise on this unique product.

“We will donate to the charity from every sale – hopefully people will enjoy our new product and therefore help charity.”

Alongside traditional meats, G N Badley & Sons also stocks disposable barbecues.

“If someone buys a disposable barbecue from us, we want them to know what they need to be aware of – we take responsibility for everything we sell, whether it means our meat is traceable, fresh and top quality or that our customers should not light a barbecue in a tent.”

Carbon Monoxide Awareness was established 10 years ago by president for the charity Lynn Griffiths. She said: “The charity Carbon Monoxide Awareness appreciates the very kind offer made by Badley’s to donate a percentage of takings from the sale of every new chorizo burger.

“Their support in raising awareness of the dangers of carbon monoxide through the barbecue season is very much appreciated by the charity and myself.”

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