Opportunity in thin steaks for multiple retailers

Retailers have a chance to grow incremental beef category sales through the proper promotion of thin-cut steaks. 

The latest Cutting Edge report from AHDB Beef & Lamb has highlighted the potential of thin-cut steaks and the fact that they have suffered due to poor merchandising, inconsistent positioning in-store, lack of variety, confusing use of descriptive names and poor eating experience.

The consumer research pointed to an opportunity to create a distinct positioning for thin-cut steaks that clearly differentiates them from traditional steak ranges.

Mike Whittemore, head of trade marketing for AHDB Beef & Lamb, said: “Thin-cut steaks have long been the forgotten protein alternative, but we are confident that our research findings and resulting report will act as the catalyst to drive positive change in the multiple retail sector.”

He said consumers needed to know that thin-cut steaks could be a viable meal option.

“The clear message from the research is that thin-cut beef steaks can carve out a distinct and appealing consumer proposition as an everyday, versatile, value-for-money meal solution that is not only quick and simple to cook, but also a pleasure to eat,” he said. “These positive changes can be achieved with the support of effective merchandising, establishing a clear in-store location and by providing a consistent product time after time.”

The research highlighted that consumers consider thin-cut steaks to be “tasty, easy and quick”, showing that “the appetite for this type of product is there and multiple retailers can benefit by maximising its potential”.

To help retailers meet this demand, AHDB Beef & Lamb has developed a range of thin-cut steaks. These include Tender Top Steaks – Thin Cut, Tri-Tip Steaks – Thin Cut, and Escallops (Thick Flank) – Thin Cut, with cutting instructions on the AHDB website.

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