Opportunity knocks for sous-vide

Sous-vide products could be an opportunity to grow sales, according to AHDB Beef & Lamb
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AHDB Beef & Lamb believes there are clear opportunities in exploring sous-vide and enhancing ready-cooked product ranges in the beef and lamb categories. 

A spokesperson said: “The sous-vide process enables retailers to better utilise cuts traditionally seen as being less tender.

“The issue of quality and consistency, when it comes to preparing meat dishes at home, can be addressed head-on by offering products that have already been cooked sous-vide.”

According to AHDB Beef & Lamb, there has been growth in the breadth of sous-vide ranges over the last two years, particularly in the high-end retailers, with pre-cooked products being merchandised in the convenience section of the meat aisle. Retailers have introduced a range of products, including beef brisket and ribs and lamb shoulder – many of which include a rub or marinade to enhance the flavour.

Consumers are embracing international cuisine more and more; and AHDB Beef & Lamb believes that stocking a range of sous-vide products infused with popular flavour profiles – from the US and Asia – would enable retailers to satisfy their customers’ increasingly adventurous palates.

“Sous-vide also taps into the growing trend for convenience. A product that has already been prepared and cooked – and simply requires heating through before serving – is going to be a winner with today’s time-deprived consumers.”

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