Goat meat processors develop cabrito smoked bacon

Northern Ireland's Broughgammon Farm has developed a new caribto bacon product
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A new smoked cabrito bacon product has been developed by a leading goat kid processor in Northern Ireland.

Broughgammon Farm, in County Antrim, has produced the bacon by cold smoking goat meat over wooden blocks at its own smokery on the premises.

“Innovation is at the heart of our farm,” said director of sales Sandy Cole. “Coming up with new products is essential if we are to ensure the sustainability of the family business. We’ve been producing cabrito for about four years now and interest among chefs and the wider public has been increasing steadily.”

Eaten across the world, cabrito is considered as being a healthy choice due to its low cholesterol and fat count.

Broughgammon Farm is also curing goat meat to produce back and streaky bacon for customers in both Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland.

Cole continued: “We recognised some time ago that we needed to be developing different products to build on the level of interest. Bacon is basically a cured product that can be developed from any meat.

In addition to the smoked, back and streaky bacons, we offer lardons for pancetta.”

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