New campaign promotes cooking with lamb

AHDB Beef & Lamb has joined forces with the European Union, Interbev in France and Bord Bía in Ireland to create the ‘Lamb. Tasty Easy Fun’ campaign in an effort to tackle the decline in sales and to promote it as an easy alternative to other, more common, meats.

The organisations are calling on farmers to back the campaign, which is costing €7.7 million (£5.45m).

“Lamb is an incredibly versatile protein to cook with and there are many resources that consumers can access for some innovative ideas, not least on the ‘Lamb. Tasty Easy Fun’ website, said Nick Allen, director of AHDB Beef & Lamb.

The marketing push will feature different recipes and information on cuts on its website, as well as a range of different cooking techniques, and will take place over the next three years.

It will aim to increase the likelihood of purchase by 5% among customers by increasing consumer awareness of lamb as a versatile meat that can be used as a part of a daily diet.

“We are all aware of the current pressure on lamb prices and AHDB Beef & Lamb is continuing to work on a strategic promotional campaign to help stimulate demand. In addition, I would call on all producers to get behind the co-promotion campaign and share these resources via social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook to help reach as many consumers as we possibly can. This will help amplify its impact.”

Between 24 August and 20 September, two 15-second adverts will be shown on YouTube, with print adverts across a range of magazines being displayed as of 24 August.

Allen concluded by saying: “Ultimately, our common goal is to stimulate demand for sheep meat. Adopting this joined-up approach will help us reach more consumers and address declining consumption.”

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