New opportunities for pie manufacturer

Wilf Lewis, of Lewis Pies, is excited about new opportunities the halal brand will bring
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One of the country’s largest manufacturers of pies and pasties has secured a distribution agreement with the largest ethnic superstore chain in the north of England – Manchester Superstores.

Wales-based Lewis Pies is proud to be one of the only large pie manufacturers in the UK to be halal-accredited. Company managing director Wilf Lewis believes that communication with customers is a vital part of business: “You really need to understand who you’re selling to, and the people who are buying from you need to trust what you’re doing.

“We’ve brought a number of big customers to the site to show the process and they feel they can trust what we’re doing as they’ve seen it with their own eyes. They’re quite happy to purchase from us and pass that trust on to their customers.”

The new agreement is one of the first times that traditional British food will be made available on the halal market.

Products are manufactured under strict conditions in a pork-free site. All pies are created using halal-certified suppliers, with the process being regularly audited by the Halal Authority Board (HAB).

The pies and pastries, which include a sweet chilli chicken slice, steak slice and sausage roll, have so far proved successful with second- and third-generation Muslims. Lewis explained: “We recently did the Muslim Lifestyle Exhibition which was a fantastic success for us. There were several of those who practice the Muslim faith who vindicated our choice.”

Lewis Pies brand the halal products under a specific label – Crescent Pies – which has a website designed especially to market the specialised foods.

The new venture has opened many opportunities for the company, causing Lewis to be excited about the future: “We’re getting more and more enquiries every day. We’re currently striking up a deal with Yearsley, which is going to be our export partner and we’re hoping to push these across to the Middle East and beyond!”

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