Kantar reveals latest meat figures

Kantar Worldpanel has published its Meat, Fish and Poultry (MFP) figures for the 12 weeks ending 16 August. 

The lack of summer sun resulted in barbecue consumption falling 8%, with sausages and burgers experiencing a decrease in value sales. This could be a result of consumers wanting to barbecue more than just the standard meats. According to Kantar, chicken is present at over 40% of barbecuing occasions.

Although the market may have taken a knock from the weather, there are hopes that National Burger Day (27 August 2015) could boost sales for the next update.

The data collection organisation also revealed that beef and fish managed to avoid deflation, although it has had an impact on poultry.

Strong deflation has seen chicken prices down by 5%, driven by the whole bird and breast sectors.

The report from Kantar stated that: “Fresh chicken is seeing lower promotional levels, with the move from multi-buys to TPRs [temporary price reductions] driving deeper discounts.”

Meanwhile, it is reported that lamb and pork have struggled in terms of both value and volume, with roasting, frying and grilling recognised as key areas of decline in both.

In contrast to this, beef is continuing to see an increase in value as a result of customers purchasing more beef over the last 12 weeks. “Beef value growth is driven by the more premium products of steaks and marinades, with frying and grilling an area of strength for beef.”

Veal, venison, mixed protein mince and a resurgence of duck are also sectors that have experienced strong growth, with the latter seeing shopper numbers increase by 37% compared to last year, according to Kantar.

Additionally, chilled fish growth has continued as more consumers are buying and eating chilled fish more frequently. Added-value fish can be attributed for the increase in the sector, with prawn and haddock labelled as key areas to growth. “Almost half a million more shoppers are buying this convenient area of fish, with the average added value shopper buying once a month over this three-month period.”

Juxtaposing the success of fresh fish sales, natural fish and shellfish sales have gone into decline, the figures showed. This is thought to be driven by cod and haddock, which have seen a double-digit decline as a result of a drop in promotional levels.

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