Burger bar offers full halal menu

Family-run restaurant Brioche Burger is capitalising in on London’s large Muslim population. 

The restaurant, located in a popular Stratford shopping centre, offers diners a fully halal, HMC-certified menu.

Brioche Burger prides itself on its fresh dishes, cooked on a daily basis. Nothing on the menu is frozen or pre-made days in advance. The chefs infuse flavours from all over the globe, including American-inspired barbecue dishes, spices from Asia and burgers that draw their influence from the Mediterranean and Latin America.

The meat is sourced from freshly ground British beef while the condiments, such as barbecue sauce and chilli jam, are all homemade.

“British produce is renowned for its quality across the globe,” explained Farhad Chowdhury, managing director at Brioche Burger. “When we’ve got all this right on our doorstep, why would we source our ingredients anywhere else?”

As well as serving lunch and dinner, the restaurant also supplies customers with a breakfast menu including English muffins, smoked salmon and pancakes.

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