BGP hopes to put geese back on the menu for Michaelmas

British Goose Producers (BGP) is hoping to revive tradition by encouraging the public to eat goose on Michaelmas. 

Celebrated on 29 September in most of the country and on 4 October in Suffolk and 11 October in Norfolk, Michaelmas traditionally marks the start of the farming year, while Michaelmas Term begins the academic year in our most celebrated universities.

To help promote goose, the BGP has contact details of stockists throughout the country on its website

The BGP believes: “People are becoming much more discerning as to the origins of the meat they buy, and British geese, reared naturally on pasture and sometimes corn stubble, have an obvious appeal. The rediscovery of our national heritage and customs is also playing a part in this move back to tradition.”

It said: “In times past, geese would graze on the corn stubble fields after harvest. Now they’re reared on grass. Either way, the ‘green goose’ makes a delicious meal to celebrate Michaelmas and many more restaurants are getting in on the act.”

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