Welsh lamb industry urged to increase shelf-life

Hybu Cig Cymru - Meat Promotion Wales is seeking industry views on how to help Welsh Lamb products stay on shop shelves for longer, increase their market value and boost export potential.

Welsh Lamb’s shelf-life currently stands at a fifth of that of one of its main global competitors, New Zealand lamb.

“New Zealand lamb has a shelf-life of 100 days, compared to Welsh Lamb’s shelf-life of 21 days” said Luned Evans, HCC’s industry development officer. “That’s a big difference and it restricts the Welsh industry’s ability to maximise export opportunities and command UK shelf space. The Welsh Lamb brand is well recognised and respected across the globe, but in order to take advantage of this great status we need fresh Welsh Lamb to be on shop shelves for longer and be able to export it as cost-effectively as possible.”

She appealed for the industry to come together to increase the shelf-life. “We have discovered that industry collaboration and clear communication has been the key to success in similar markets in other regions and countries, and we need to catch up and then lead the way in Wales.”

The industry survey is now available on HCC’s website: http://hccmpw.org.uk/

For more on extending shelf and packaging, sign up to the Global Meat News webinar here.

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