Family butcher experiences revival

JBS Family Butcher, located in Sudbury, Suffolk, reopened on Thursday 10 September two months after closing, although not without caution.

The family butcher’s shop was pressured into closing in July after a decline in trade. However, a breaker in the lease has allowed the shop to re-open until at least May.

Despite the good news, John Sawyer of JBS Family Butcher admitted: “I just don’t know if there’s enough to keep me here at the end of it.”  

Though he believes the trade remains strong, consumers have never before had such a variety of options to do their shopping, resulting in a negative impact on sales.

“When was the last time you saw a greengrocer shop, and not a stall?” asked Sawyer. “Or the last time you saw a fishmonger shop and not a stall? I think butchers are the next one on the line.”

“There are some good ones, but they’re normally lucky enough to be in the right area to get some good money.”

Prior to its renaissance, JBS Family Butcher used to sell a lot of game. However, Sawyer confessed that in order to carry on with the celebrated products, he will have to rekindle his relationship with his meat suppliers.

Regardless of the uncertain future, Sawyer said he loved every minute of being a butcher and the time off has allowed him to recharge his batteries.

“I’m just waiting to see what the people want and I’ll attempt to get what the customers want.”

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