MPs seek answers for falling meat prices

Following a difficult summer for cattle producers, the government’s environment, food and rural affairs committee is to examine aggravating factors affecting farmgate prices.

It believes that everchanging global markets, coupled with national conditions, such as the strength of the sterling, have made prices fragile. The committee also named the EU and UK governments, alongside individual retailers’ and processor’s policies as having an impact on the market.

In the light of this, the committee will investigate the influence that these factors have over the current climate and look for measures that can be taken to improve the industry.

The committee welcomes written submissions on the following topics:
•    The areas and sectors where farmers are being affected by falling prices, and the main catalyst for the price reductions
•    The expected short, medium, and long-term consequences on the meat, dairy and arable sectors
•    Areas where England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland are particularly strong, and weak, at supporting the farming divisions
•    The role that the government plays on assisting areas of the industry
•    Help that farmers and producers are receiving from processors and retailers (if any at all)
•    The effect that the EU has in addressing the impact of market surpluses on prices
•    The effectiveness that the Groceries Code Adjudicator Act 2013’s regime has in making sure that meat and dairy prices are fair and stable

Deadline for submissions is 12 October and can be made here.

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