Food organisation rethinks approach to packaging

Campden BRI, the food and drink technology company, has invested in five new pieces of equipment designed to expand its range of packaging testing services which will in turn help companies reduce food and packaging waste. 

Following an industry consultation with its 2,400 members, the company concluded that a big issue within the food industry was designing packaging to minimise waste. The consultation recognised areas of importance within food packaging as: products’ shelf-life; safe and compliant packaging; designing packaging to minimise waste; and expecting and controlling the impact of regulatory and technical changes on packaging.

“Manufacturers are keen to reduce food waste and excessive packaging,” said Mike Bonin, packaging technologist at Campden BRI.

“But light-weighted packaging, without compromising its preservation and protection functions, is inherently difficult. Go too far and you end up with wasted food, which is much more costly and wasteful. It’s a continual balancing act to try and get more from less.”

Furthermore, Bonin highlighted the importance of manufacturers seeking packaging solutions throughout the supply chain that will address food waste by extending the product’s food waste.

“The investment in additional equipment means we can now offer clients more than 30 package performance tests across a range of areas, including strength and integrity, leakage, seam assessment and permeability testing to ensure that packaging meets manufacturers’ specifications and performance requirements.”

Bonin added that it was important to approach packaging innovation from a well-rounded point of view, due to the many demands of the industry. “Our multidisciplinary team includes experts in packaging technology, microbiology, chemical analysis, consumer and sensory testing, regulatory advice and hygiene, who have been working together for some of the biggest names in the food and drink industry for decades.”

For more on extending shelf and packaging, sign up to the Global Meat News webinar here

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