Essentia Protein Solutions launches new meat flavours

Essentia's new ProFlavor enhances the meat flavour of a host of products such as gravies
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Essentia Protein Solutions has launched into the flavours market with a new range of meat broth-based flavours for meat, savoury and seasoning applications. 

Formerly known as BHJ Ingredients UK, Essentia has unveiled ProFlavor powdered beef, chicken, pork and turkey flavours that are designed to enhance the real meat taste of products.

Essentia’s meat broth-based flavours allow manufacturers to maximise taste and provide a real meat alternative to products such as yeast extract and HVPs.

Tom Cooke, Essentia’s regional director north and western Europe, said: “In response to customer demand, we are proud to bring these distinctive new meat stock-based flavours to the UK market. It’s a logical extension to our existing product portfolio.

“Unlike alternative products on the market which give a savoury taste, our flavours stand out because they are derived from real meat stock.

“Our methodology is about adding real meat-based ingredients back into meat products to maximise the natural meat flavour.

“As well as helping to retain and enhance the real meat flavour often lost with salt reduction, our savoury flavours are e-number-free and non-allergenic for customers looking for true depth of taste with a clean label.”

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