BSE case diagnosed in Wales

A cow in Wales has been diagnosed with a case of BSE
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A case of BSE or ‘mad cow disease’ was found on a farm in Wales. 

It did not enter the food chain and there was no risk to human health, the Welsh Government said in a statement.

This is the first BSE case for the whole of the UK this year. The last case recorded in Wales was in 2013.

A statement from Rebecca Evans, deputy farming and food minister, said: “The Welsh Government and the Animal and Plant Health Agency have confirmed a case of classical BSE in a single deceased bovine on a farm in Wales.

“The case was identified as a result of the strict control measures we have in place. It did not enter the human food chain and the Food Standards Agency and Public Health Wales have confirmed there is no risk to human health as a result of this isolated case.

“There have been a number of sporadic cases of BSE identified across the UK in recent years.”

Evans said her officials were working with the UK Government department Defra and the Animal Plant Health Agency to investigate the case.

Welsh Conservative shadow minister for agriculture and rural affairs, Russell George AM, said: “We should be extremely encouraged that this case has been identified. That clearly shows the systems are working.

“It’s an isolated case, there is no risk to human health and we will continue to work with the minister on this issue.”

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