McCarthy declares support for British farming

During a Labour Party conference in Brighton, Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy announced that she supported British farming.

As a vegan, McCarthy has received a mixed reception after her appointment by new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

However, McCarthy has spoken out to those who believe her lifestyle choices may hinder her judgement.

After speaking out against Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss for not doing enough to support British farmers, she then admitted that Truss was “leading a promotional drive for British food”.

“I’d much rather see people buy British lamb, British apples, than imports from halfway around the world,” McCarthy said at the conference.

“And we need better food labelling, so we know where our food is from, and what is in it. So we can choose to buy British, or to buy local.”

According to recent reports, McCarthy suggested that the consumption of meat should be treated with campaigns similar to those targeting smokers.

After pointing out that a UKIP MEP declared she had “little in common with consumers of food”, she highlighted that much of the food she consumed was produced on British farms.

“So let me make it clear. I support British farming. I want it to be economically viable, environmentally sustainable and to have the very best animal welfare standards.”

We asked our readers if we think McCarthy will make a good Shadow Environment Secretaty. The results are below.

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