One in three veggies admit to eating meat when drunk

New research by a money-saving website in the UK has revealed that over a third of vegetarians eat meat whilst under the influence of alcohol. 

Furthermore, one in three of these ‘vegetarians’ revealed that they did so every time they were drunk on a night out.

‘Kebab meat’ and ‘beef burgers’ were voted the most common meat for vegetarians to give into when drunk, at 39% and 34% respectively.

The survey was conducted by and polled 1,789 vegetarians from the UK, as part of the study.

Initially, respondents were asked ‘When drunk, do you ever eat meat?’ To which, 37% admitted that they did so. The remaining 63% of respondents were adamant that they never ate meat when drunk.

Delving further into vegetarian eating and drinking habits, those respondents who disclosed that they had eaten meat when drunk were asked to reveal how often they did so, and 34% answered every time they were drunk.

Vegetarian eating habits when drunk

Respondents were then asked to reveal how much they spent when eating meat when drunk. Researchers compiled the answers to reveal the average amount spent on meat by vegetarians when drunk as £4.80.

Finally, the vegetarians who admitted to eating meat when drunk were asked to reveal whether they told anyone that they did so. A majority of 69% said that they did not tell others that they ate meat, with only 31% stating that they did.

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