Farming family eye cattle victory

The Lyon family with an award winning cow
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In the aftermath of recent show successes, the Lyon family, who farm cattle near Bourne in Lincolnshire, are heading to the 2015 East of England Smithfield Festival next month in the hopes of replicating their achievements.

The family’s ethos is to produce their own high-quality cattle that are good enough to enter competitions. This has largely been achieved due to the utilisation of genetics, resulting in competition-ready cattle. The Lyon family are now producing their second generation of breeding heifers. They use Belgian Blue and Limousin crosses, resulting in a commercial cross.

“We want to produce the best, and showing cattle gives us and other beef farmers the opportunity to promote the top end of the beef industry,” said family member Jonny Lyon. “It also means, if successful, that we are able to secure a premium at market.”

In terms of farming, the family are still relatively new to the business. They only took on this venture 12 years ago, when they entered the cattle industry with just two heifers. By 2012, they had won the baby beef champion at the Smithfield Festival. A year later, they were winning at several major events, including the champion at the Royal Welsh Show.

Lyon added: “The show attendance gives us the opportunity to learn from industry and other farmers and keep up to date with the latest developments. Stocktech at this year’s Smithfield Festival promises to provide a whole range of new information. This is invaluable for our business growth and future profitability.”

William Haire, director of the East of England Agricultural Society, praised the “incredibly focused” Lyon family: “They work hard at being informed and open to new developments in beef management. Their attention to detail – and focus on the genetics, the nutrition, the health and the general welfare of the animals – is paramount to their success.

“They have a great eye for high-quality animals and understand the importance of conformation. And it is because of this, they have achieved such outstanding results.”

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