Pork organisation urges clearer ‘slap marks’

AHDB Pork has provided instructions on how pig producers can achieve clear and legible ‘slap marks’ on its website to help improve traceability in the food chain. 

Mick Sloyan, director of AHDB Pork, explained the importance of slap markings on pigs.

“We pride ourselves in this country on our traceability system that provides reassurance to customers here and in export markets. We have a world-leading real-time internet-based system for licencing the movement of pigs.

However, we still rely on the use of effective slap marking to identify individual pigs.”

He added: “We are allowed to use slap marks rather than ear tags because we have demonstrated that this works. In order to maintain this derogation we need to continue to ensure that slap marks are applied correctly and that they are legible before and after slaughter.”

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