Meat sees value and volume sales growth

Fresh meat, processed meat and cooked meat are all in growth, according to the latest meat, fish and poultry (MFP) figures from Kantar Worldpanel, published for the 12 weeks ending 11 October 2015. 

Beef, lamb, chicken and turkey all showed volume and value increases, according to the figures, with pork the only one of the fresh meats in decline, down 10.5% in value to £177 million and -4.7% in volume.

“Pork has seen an accelerated decline driven by 560,000 fewer shoppers,” said Nathan Ward, business unit director for meat, fish & poultry at Kantar. “Pork steaks and chops are seeing value declines and pork joints are seeing a similar decline. These losses are coming most strongly through less affluent 35- to 64-year-old shoppers, where an 11% decrease in pork promotional volumes may hit hardest.”

Beef, meanwhile, has grown in the latest quarter, up 1.4% in value to £467m and 1.5% in volume. “Beef has benefited from more shoppers buying more often, driving value and volume growth,” said Ward. “Beef success over the period has come through steaks and mince. These cuts are opening up a wider set of meals for beef to access, with steaks being the main focus of a meal and mince usually an ingredient element in a meal.”

Within the processed meats sector, bacon and sausages are both struggling, although the category overall is in 1% growth by volume. Ward believes British Sausage Week, from 2 to 8 November, may provide a shot in the arm for sausages, which have moved into decline on an annual and quarterly basis. The latest quarterly figures show the value of the sausage market down 3.7% by value and 1.4% by volume, and bacon down 4.5% by value and 2.2% by volume. Other parts of the processed market – burgers and grills – were up 1.1% by value and 1.8% by volume.

“The decline in sausages is being driven by pre-family and upmarket shoppers, so it will be interesting to see if British Sausage Week is successful in bringing in more of these shoppers into the market,” said Ward.

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