New food label a hit with consumers

The RSPCA has said its new ethical food label, RSPCA Assured, which has replaced Freedom Food, has proved a success with shoppers four months after it launched. 

The animal welfare charity said a poll by Atomik Research showed 26% of consumers recognised the label and what it meant. The poll also found 76% of people who were aware of the logo were likely or very likely to buy products labelled RSPCA Assured.

Since May, when the RSPCA started the transition from Freedom Foods over to RSPCA Assured, 29 new product lines, including 15 in Sainsbury’s and 11 in Ocado, have been launched. A changeover of labelling to RSPCA Assured on the range of around 2,000 products currently listed as Freedom Foods, will be complete by next May.

“The new logo stands out, which helps consumers make a clear and informed choice,” said Sue Lockhart, head of agriculture at Sainsbury’s.

Liam Kurzeja, marketing manager for RSPCA Assured, said the new branding made it easier for shoppers to understand what the label meant. “It’s not rocket science. We just looked at what shoppers want – clear simple messaging. So we launched a new label that is what it says it is: RSPCA Assured means good farm animal welfare. It’s that simple.

“We used the same straightforward approach in our advertising – no fancy gimmicks or complicated graphics, but simple, clear, honest messaging that leaves people in no doubt of what RSPCA Assured is about.”

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