Brioche Burger adds halal Aberdeen Angus to menu

London’s Brioche Burger has expanded its menu by adding 100% halal certified Aberdeen Angus beef to its offerings. 

The restaurant, situated in a Stratford shopping centre, is designed to cater to London’s large Muslim population. By entering this new partnership with a Halal Monitoring Committee (HMC) grass-fed Aberdeen Angus supplier, Brioche Burger claims to now be the only restaurant in London to offer 100% halal-certified Aberdeen Angus beef, dry-aged for 21 days.

“There’s no shortage of burger joints in London, but what is missing are halal-certified options that offer punters taste, quality and innovation,” explained the restaurant’s managing director Farhad Chowdhury.

“Brioche Burger breaks the mould with a menu featuring 100% HMC grass-fed Aberdeen Angus, aged for 21 days and prepared with a genuine passion for flavour.”

To accompany the new Aberdeen Angus partnership, the restaurant has made the switch to custom brioche potato rolls. Each burger will now be served sandwiched between a freshly baked bun produced from British-grown potatoes.

In order to ensure customers get the most out of the halal Aberdeen Angus, Brioche Burger has designed a special menu for the meat. To enhance flavours, chefs and the restaurant practice the smash method, which also helps make the product tender. All the burgers are made to order.

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