Ladies in Beef urges industry to Save our Sucklers

Ladies in Beef wants to follow the lead of the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) to raise the profile of British suckler beef. 

The organisation of female beef farmers, which was formed to help promote and drive awareness of British beef, is to launch Save our Sucklers today.

It is calling on farmers, livestock markets, abattoirs, processors, retailers, butchers, farm shops, food service and the hospitality sector to sign up and support the campaign to raise public awareness.
The campaign will promote the many health, animal welfare and environmental benefits of the  traditional,  naturally raised suckler beef.

The campaign group said that suckler herds were at their lowest level since the late 1980s when there were 1.57 million head. This has fallen by over 200,000 head in the past 10 years and by over 100,000 cows in the last four years.  

In a statement the group said: “In early 2016 leading up to Great British Beef Week (23 April - 2 May), under the umbrella of Save our Sucklers, Ladies in Beef will launch a consumer-based campaign, taking a lead from CAMRA and their campaign for real ale, which has successfully raised the profile of British craft beers and halted the homogenisation of the British brewing industry.”

The group has also revealed plans to offer a differentiated, branded suckler product that will be piloted with a major retailer.  

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