Haggis rejig may lead to US sales

Haggis makers are being asked to reformulate their recipes so they can sell the product in the USA. 

Scottish food secretary Richard Lochhead is currently on a tour of US and Canada to promote products from the country.

The use of animal lungs has been banned in the US since 1971, meaning that haggis cannot be sold in the country. Lochhead will be meeting with US officials tomorrow to discuss the issue and offer them the possibility of a reformulated haggis product.

“There are tens of millions of Americans who claim to have Scottish ancestry and want to enjoy Scotland’s national dish, so I’ll be using this opportunity to speak to the relevant US authorities about how we can get the ban lifted on importing haggis to the US, which is a massive market for us,” said Lochhead.

“It will still look like a haggis and it will still taste like a haggis. If this is given the green light, it would open up a massive market for Scottish producers, allow Americans to enjoy a bit of Scottish heritage that is as close to the real thing as possible, create new jobs back here in Scotland and be worth millions of pounds to the Scottish economy.”

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