Belgian dry-aged beef heads to UK

Award-winning dry-aged Secreto 07 is heading to the UK marketplace, thanks to the efforts of F&B Premium Brands and De Laet & Van Haver. Secreto 07 recently rose to prominence having been distributed by chefs, the Adrià brothers. 

Celebrated butcher Luc De Laet produces Secreto 07 using the best of rubia gallega cattle. To guarantee that the beef is genuine rubia gallega, Laet visits the supplying farms in person.

“I am thrilled to bring Secreto 07 to the UK,” said Laet. “I’ve been working in butchery all my life and I have a real passion for meat. Secreto 07 is already loved by a number of Michelin-starred chefs and I believe that anyone tasting the buttery, bone-marrow flavour of this beautiful rubia gallega beef will become just as passionate about it as I am.”

Laet hand-rubs the meat with a secret mix of spices and enzymes before it gets hung for three weeks at a temperature of 2°C with a humidity of -75. It is then laid on racks for a further three weeks. To ensure that the flavours are distributed evenly, the beef is regularly turned.

PR agency F&B Premium Brands praised the high quality of the dry-aged beef.

“Like Luc, I have spent my life in the food and beverage industry and I am confident that Secreto 07 is one of the finest dried meats on the market,” said Denis Renty, director of F&B.

“At F&B Premium Foods we only promote products that we love, produced by people that we trust. Luc is a fantastic butcher and his genuine passion for high-quality meat is perfectly demonstrated by Secreto 07.”

The product has already garnered a UK following, with chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Phil Howard of two Michelin-starred restaurant The Square.

Howard championed the product: “Just once in a very occasional while one tastes a truly phenomenal product. After 30 years in the industry it takes something really quite special to stop me in my tracks, but the Secreto 07 does just that – each and every time I taste it.”

Secreto 07 will be available as of Tuesday 1 December exclusively at Selfridge’s.

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