Pictorial system used in hygiene training

A training supplier has spearheaded a new way of helping to educate people who speak different languages.

Peter Bushnell, who runs training supplier Bulrushess, uses a pictorial system to ensure that workers are trained in the basics of cleaning and hygiene from handwashing to cleaning a mincer machine.
“It is a way to get the message across to seven to eight different cultures and 25 languages through a pictorial system. It takes away the ambiguity,” he said.
“Every illustration is culturally benign. If you use the colour red in an Indian culture that means good, but it doesn’t mean that in other cultures.”

The system provides an opportunity to ensure the person understands the training. He said the system was set up with a series of stickers and labels, which depict different scenarios. This means that anyone using the system can prove they understand the health and safety process by using the pictured stickers in the follow-up test.
“If you stick the label in the right order it proves you understand,” said Bushnell.
He said it also provided evidence that they had been trained and understood what the procedures should be if there were audits.

Bushnell is currently trialling the system with one company and said the feedback had been positive.

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