Meat snack claims to defeat hangovers

A Peckham-based charcuterie specialist has claimed to have created a snack that prevents hangovers.

The snack, produced by Serious Pig, has been created to coincide with the Christmas season where, according to the drink-aware website, 53% of Brits say they plan on drinking more during December than any other time of year.

‘Hangover Cured’ claims to stop a hangover before it has even begun. A high-protein snack consisting of chilli and ginger, Serious Pig believes it to be the world’s first hangover-preventing meat snack.

“Let’s be honest, nobody likes a hangover at the best of times, so we thought we’d invent something that would take the edge off,” said George Rice, who founded Serious Pig alongside Johnny Bradshaw.

“Fittingly, and like most of our best ideas, we came up with Hangover Cured while nursing sore heads in the pub.

“There are tons of supposed hangover cures out there, but we’ve never found one that actually works. What we’ve produced is something a little different, it’s more prevention that anything else, in that you can actually enjoy it while you’re having a beer, or glass of wine.

“We’ve put it to the test at home and down the pub and it works a dream. Our friends and family have been our guinea pigs, too, and they’ve all told us it definitely eased their hangovers.”

Produced from 100% British meat, the snack is said to fight typical hangover symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and headaches. It is advised that Hangover Cured should be eaten alongside an alcoholic drink to prevent an upcoming hangover in its tracks.

Expert food nutritionist Angela Dowden has supported Serious Pig’s innovative snack: “Nibbling on high-quality meat protein at the same time as drinking is a really good idea as it’s rich in the amino acids you need to make neurotransmitters (messengers that transmit signals throughout the body),” she said.

“Alcohol interferes with the levels of these neurotransmitters, which is one of the reasons we can feel bad after overindulging.

“Ginger is also a well-known traditional remedy to prevent nausea, while chilli is thought to boost levels of feel-good endorphins as well as improving circulation, so the body’s detoxification process can work optimally.”

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