Burgers reign supreme

New data from Bookatable, the restaurant booking platform, has revealed a boost in popularity for burgers.

Its Quarterly Dining Trends report, released on Friday 27 November, which is based on the last 12 months of dining and booking data, has shown a trend for burgers.

In the past year alone, Bookatable has acquired 71 new burger restaurants to its portfolio while bookings to burgers outlets saw the biggest increase of all food genres this year. Reportedly, 2014 saw only 21 bookings compared to 30,000 in 2015. This equates to an increase of over 143,000%.

Barbecue-themed restaurants also performed well during the year. Restaurant bookings specialising in barbecue meat increased from 49 to 750.

Top 10 cuisines with biggest year on year increase in bookings
1)    Burgers
2)    Scandinavian
3)    Barbecue
4)    South-east Asian
5)    American
6)    Welsh
7)    Afternoon Tea
8)    Greek
9)    Japanese
10)    Thai

Meanwhile, it was reported that breakfast bookings experienced a 24% increase over the year, while it was revealed that working lunches were also on the rise with an increase of 25% across the UK.
Furthermore, brunch bookings increased by nearly three-quarters (72%).

Contrasting this, Nepalese, Pakistani and contemporary Italian restaurants appear to have fallen out of favour with British diners, as they have fallen from the rankings.

Top 10 cuisines with biggest year-on-year decrease in bookings
1)    Nepalese
2)    Pakistani
3)    Contemporary Italian
4)    Caribbean
5)    Oriental
6)    Eastern European
7)    Irish
8)    Viennese
9)    South African
10)    Vietnamese

“2015 has undoubtedly been the year of the burgers, brunch and bubbles,” explained Joe Steele, chief executive of Bookatable.

“It is really interesting to see the trends that come to light when looking back over the last 12 months of British dining. Scandinavian food continues to grow in popularity with Brits, while we’ve seen a decline in bookings for Nepalese, contemporary Italian and Pakistani food, perhaps due to people becoming even more adventurous with their dining – something which Bookatable encourages.

“The rise in breakfast and brunch bookings echoes the growing trend to seize the day, particularly with city dwellers. As a restaurant booking service, we cater for everyone and these results show how diverse Brits’ taste and dining requirements continue to be.”

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