Heck sausages plans educational expansion at Yorkshire facility

Sausage manufacturer Heck has revealed plans to create a ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ inspired facility. 

The company, based in North Yorkshire, will build a specially designed unit, with the purpose of educating visitors into what happens behind the scenes.

“We want it to be more than just a sausage factory. We want people to see how sausages are made,” said Debbie Keeble who, along with her husband Andrew, founded the business.

She told Meat Trades Journal that people might have misconceived visions as to what happens in a sausage factory, when in fact more happens than packing sausages all day.

“We’re quite passionate about the next generation and like to encourage them into the food industry, because we think it’s such a brilliant place to be,” she explained.

“It allows schools to come in. Often we go and speak at schools, whether we help them with a food project or whether it’s a business studies project, it just gives them hands-on experience and we quite enjoy doing it.”

The educational plant is to be built in a derelict pig unit already on the company’s premises. Although some details are still being finalised, it is hoped the site will be complete eight months after restoration begins.

Keeble added that the red meat industry had adopted somewhat of a tainted reputation in the media, but Heck sausages hoped to tackle this injustice: “The meat industry gets such bad press and I think it’s time people came and saw what it is really like.”

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