Marketing campaign boosts sales of PGI Welsh Lamb

Consumers are spending more on promoted prime quality lamb cuts, according to the latest independent data available to Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC). 

Analysis of HCC’s late season 2015 PGI Welsh Lamb marketing campaign revealed spend to be significantly up on products such as legs and chops, which were heavily promoted during the campaign.

“I’m particularly delighted that HCC’s work was most effective with our quality, high-value Welsh Lamb cuts,” said Laura Pickup, HCC’s market development manager.

“The analytics say spend on premium Welsh Lamb chops soared by 45.6% year on year at a time when spend on other home-produced lamb chops fell by 4.8%.”

Pickup also revealed that sales of Welsh Lamb roasting joints increased 31%, while other home-produced joints saw increases of 11.8%. “Comparatively, expenditure on New Zealand roasting joints fell 35% and 18% on their lamb chops in the same period.”

The marketing campaigns that ran from July to November last year increased brand awareness and also paved the way in a difficult climate to earn a substantial increase in multiple retail sales and shelf share, according to HCC.

“In the campaign period, Welsh Lamb increased its share of the market by nearly 10% on 2014 equivalents, while competitors like New Zealand lamb saw its share of sales fall by nearly 20% year on year,” explained Pickup.

“In the major supermarkets, year-on-year spending on all lamb was down by nearly 2% but branded PGI Welsh Lamb sales increased by 5.6% and, in addition, Welsh Lamb’s shelf space performance was particularly pleasing – taking a further 10% of shelf space against our global and domestic competitors.

“It’s reassuring to have independent confirmation that HCC’s activity helped to protect our market share by engaging strongly with consumers and pointing them towards our premium products, great taste and quality.”

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