Essentia launches functional ingredient for sausage market

Sausage producers in Ireland are set to benefit from Essentia Protein Solutions’ Republic of Ireland (ROI) Drinde, a clean label functional protein made from Irish pork rind. 

ROI Drinde is available exclusively from ingredients specialist Essentia’s Ireland distributor, Redbrook Ingredient Services. The pork rind comes from animals reared and slaughtered in the Republic of Ireland only.

“ROI Drinde adds real value for sausage manufacturers,” said Rod Davies, legislation and applied technology manager at Essentia. “Importantly, it is fully traceable, so consumers can be confident of where their ingredients come from and can be sure of the quality they are purchasing.

“Equally, it is proven to reduce formulation costs and help improve texture, flavour and nutritional value in sausages.”

Research from the company proved that manufacturers with a daily volume of 10,000 kilos of meat production could expect to save more than €102,000 a year if they include ROI Drinde in their sausage formulas.

“It’s a highly versatile product,” added Davies. “Not only does it save you money, but it also adds value as a natural meat ingredient that gives you consistency, reliability and it is microbiologically safe.”

The company claims that producers are able to improve binding in sausages by stabilising fat and water to give an improved texture and eating experience. The ingredient can also improve cooking yield in cooked sausages and improve the shelf life in savoury bakery products by creating a barrier between the meat and the pastry.

As ROI Drinde is part of the meat Quantitative Ingredient Declaration (QUID), manufacturers can label ROI (Pork) on the packs of products without the need for additional labelling.

“It is another quality assured product extension to our portfolio,” explained Davies.

“We see this as an important way of supporting manufacturers in the Republic of Ireland in their quest to only use quality assured ingredients.”

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