Dutch butcher wins competition with Scotch Beef

A tapenade containing Scotch Beef has won gold at The Netherlands' top butcher competition.

The winning product 2007 was chosen out of more than 70 subscriptions by an expert jury at the Golden Butcher Ring awards recently.

The gold standard tapenade was a creative blend of Scotch Beef, slightly roasted pine nuts, grated parmesan cheese, capers, pepper, salt and olive oil.

A spokesman for Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) said that the prize was most prestigious meat trades award in the Netherlands and only 14 butchers had ever won it and united themselves into the 'Broederschap van de gouden slagersring'.

The spokesman said: "Creativity and innovation are the key criteria for the award, aimed at stimulating product innovation at butcher counters.

"The Dutch see this as an important way of keeping the butcher world distinctive compared to other outlets."

Johan van Uden (35), manager of retail butchery Chateaubriand in Heemstede, developed the award winning product.

The golden ring and the membership of the Broederschap was handed over to him recently during the Dutch Butcher fair 'Slavakto' fair in Utrecht by MP Joop Atsma.

Johan said: "At Chateaubriand we work exclusively with Scotch Beef, our customers appreciate Scotch for its flavour, tenderness and naturalness.

"Combine it with pure ingredients like parmesan cheese, olive oil and pine nuts it even tastes better."

As part of Johan's prize he also received and invitation of QMS to see how the centre of his award winning tapenade was created, with a trip this spring to visit farms, the abattoir and butchers.

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