Scotch Crème Eggs make welcome return for Southport butcher

A Southport butcher is making the most the Easter period by reintroducing Scotch Crème Eggs for the third year. 

Graham Eyes Butchers said that the inspiration came after the business previously launched sausages filled with mini eggs.

“We just wanted to do something on the same theme but different, and one of the staff came up with this idea,” Graham Eyes told Meat Trades Journal. “So we tried it, and it’s rather nice if you like chocolate and savoury.”

However, Eyes admitted that they are not necessarily to everybody’s taste. “It’s a love-hate thing,” he said. “A lot of people don’t like them before they’ve even tried them. A lot of people will try them and decide they do like them after all.”

Graham Eyes Butchers is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of convention. A Dragon Slayer Sausage for St George’s Day and a Love Sausage in honour of Valentine’s Day are examples of past innovative products.

The Scotch Crème Eggs are produced by wrapping a Crème Egg in about one centimetre of sausage meat and rolling it in sweet chilli and lime coating. They are available exclusively over the Easter period at £1.95.

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