British butcher makes waves across the pond

Chadwick will be hitting the screens in the US
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A Balham-based butcher has been chosen as the face of the Premier League in the US. 

Gary Chadwick, of Chadwicks Butchers in London’s Balham High Road, has appeared on NBC and NBCSN this month in a campaign explaining football’s Premier League’s relegation system for American viewers.

“They wanted a charismatic English butcher and said I was the ideal candidate,” said 54 year-old Chadwick.

“I’m told some of their people thought I was an actor and that if the meat game ever falls through, I’d got another calling in life!”

In order to produce the commercial, a 20-strong film crew spent nearly the whole day in his shop. “The profile of English soccer is going through the roof across the pond,” he noted. “In effect, the advert gives US viewers a metaphor to explain how the Premier League works when it comes to relegation, because they don’t have such a system in the States. It will be screened for the whole relegation battle until the end of the season.”

Chadwick, who was born and bred in Merseyside, has been a lifelong supporter of Liverpool FC. “I was really honoured to be chosen and enjoyed every minute of it. I love football and they said they loved my Scouse accent. They also told me they may well have to use subtitles on-screen.”

A butcher for more than 40 years, Chadwick has run his own store for the past 17. Towards the end of last year, he opened his second Chadwicks Butchers on Tooting High Street.

A member of the Butchers Q Guild, Chadwick is the chairman of the union’s south region.

“He’s done a first-rate job,” commented Gordon Newlands, the Q Guild’s manager, who also put Chadwick forward for the advertisement.

“Gary has conducted himself with professionalism – and a secondary career in TV appears imminent.

“There is no more charismatic butcher in the UK than Gary Chadwick and we in the Q Guild are lucky to have him in our midst.”

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