Devro finds solution to ammonia problem

One of the world-leading sausage casings company, Devro, has overcome an ammonia discharge issue in its Glasgow plant. 

Problems were being inflicted at a local sewerage works as a result of the ammonia discharge, threatening the company’s strong eco-friendly record.

Devro was able to find a long-term solution to this issue by partnering with water supply and waste water services company, Business Stream.

Mobile equipment was initially provided to Devro from Business Stream to allow for a swift, temporary treatment solution. While this was taking place, Business Stream began laboratory work and ran diagnostic tests in conjunction with the Devro team to identify the problem and provide a permanent solution.

“Business Stream’s superior knowledge and expertise in this field made them the ideal partner – we challenged each other to come up with a unique solution,” said Muir Sneddon, site engineering manager at Devro Scotland.

Over a nine-month period of intensive work, a solution was developed that could eliminate ammonia pollution without interfering with Devro’s other plans, such as the ability to recycle the effluent waste water in future. The solution that Business Stream developed is designed using a combination of chemical treatment and an ‘air stripping’ process that neutralises the effects of the ammonia.

As a result of this partnership, Devro has achieved its aim of remaining within discharge consent levels, satisfying the regulator and preserving its environmental reputation.

In addition, the long-term resolution offers a saving over the alternative solution, which would have been to transport the ammonia-rich liquid offsite at an annual cost of £500,000.

Business Stream is now working alongside Devro to make its waste water system even more efficient, by recycling much of its effluent back into its processes.

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