Easter volume sales growth for meat

The majority of fresh primary meats grew in terms of volume sales, according to the latest Meat, Fish and Poultry (MFP) figures from Kantar Worldpanel for the 12 weeks ending 24 April 2016. 

Beef was up 1% compared to the same period a year ago, pork saw a 0.7% increase, chicken was up 5.3%, while turkey was up 9.9%. The only meat not to see a volume sales growth over the period was lamb (-6.7%).

Kantar Worldpanel attributed the growing value sales to falling grocery prices.

Value sales were a different story as the majority of proteins saw a decline. Beef was down 1%, lamb down 2.6%, pork fell 7.4% and other red meats dropped 3.8%. Chicken value sales increased 2.8% and turkey grew 7.6% year-on-year.

Nathan Ward, business unit director for MFP, said: “In meat & poultry the real winners are chicken, turkey and duck, seeing both value and volume growth due to additional shoppers picking up breasts and roasting products. In the short term, pork has improved on the challenging trend we’ve seen over the last year, with volume growth stimulated by more temporary price promotions and the strong performance of pork shoulders. Lamb’s performance has been limited by smaller trips from 150,000 fewer shoppers as volume on promotion fell back from last year.”

Fresh processed meat and poultry saw an overall decline in both value and volume terms. Bacon and sausages continued their decline, with the former showing a 6.8% drop in value and a 0.6% drop in volume, while the latter experienced a 9.3% drop in value and a 3.7% fall in volume.

Sliced cooked meats saw a 4.2% drop in value sales and 1.6% decline in volume sales.

The update added that it hoped to see a rise in sales of burgers and sausages as the weather improves. “The weather is improving and with a heatwave in early May, we might expect the BBQ season to start a little earlier this year. We hope this will stimulate the sausages, burgers and grills which are still experiencing volume declines.”

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