AHDB Pork publishes 2015 Yearbook

The industry levy board AHDB’s Pork division has published its Yearbook covering 2015, highlighting the effort that has gone into the pig sector over the past 12 months. 

A total of 183 farm visits were carried out by the knowledge exchange (KE) team, while the levy board delivered 13,248 training hours. Meanwhile, 4,367 publications and on-farm tools were requested, while 1,040 butcher’s kits were sent out during British Sausage Week.

Although these were some key points taken from the Yearbook, the publication also contained details of industry statistics, cost of production information and technical performance data.

“It is a one-stop reference source, not only for what AHDB Pork has been doing, but also for industry information,” said KE head Nigel Penlington. “It also highlights the latest research and the results of that work.

“It demonstrates the breadth of activity that reaches into aspects of production. The figures actually show how the UK industry is improving year on year and we are proud to be one of the drivers of this.”

The Pig and Poultry Pocketbook has also been published, with a focus on imports, exports and retail consumption figures, presented in an easy-to-understand format.

“The pocketbook is a unique and invaluable resource for the pig industry, providing an overview of both the pig and poultry sectors in one handy-sized publication.”

Both are available to download from the AHDB Pork website, and hard copies can be ordered by contacting pork.kt@ahdb.org.uk

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