Packaging material benefits fresh meat and poultry industry

The fresh meat and poultry industry is expected to benefit from a new recyclable mono material after Faerch Plast was granted a European patent for its MAPET® II. 

The packaging solution is made from a single material that has been specially developed for sealing fresh meat, poultry and fish. MAPET® II has been designed to erase the risk of leakage and potential contamination from juices, as well as ensuring the modified atmosphere.

“We are proud to be granted the European patent for MAPET® II,” said Lars Gade Hansen, chief executive of Faerch Plast. “The ground-breaking product was a long time in development and has been well received by the European food industry. Since early 2011, significant volumes of MAPET® II trays have been delivered to the market. The patent reinforces our commitment to the ongoing development of innovative, functional and eye-catching packaging that offers shelf-life, storage, environmental and cost benefits.”

MAPET® II is produced from post-consumer recycled materials, providing environmental benefits. Due to the clear design, consumers are allowed to view what they are buying prior to purchase.

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