Skin-tight meat packaging solution assists industry

Heat-sealing specialist Proseal has launched what it claims is the world’s first semi-automatic tray sealer for skin deep packs, designed to benefit the meat industry. 

Proseal GTR-E is capable of sealing products that sit 100mm above the edge of the tray, appealing to large pieces of meat and joints. The film wraps tightly around the meat products, enhancing their shelf-life without the need for gas flushing.

The first of the sealing machines was developed in association with organic farm Rhug Estate, in Denbighshire, Wales, which is owned and run by Lord Newborough. To meet demand, the GTR-E is able to seal a wide variety of other pack types, including standard, gas-flushed, and vacuum gas-flushed trays, and ordinary skin pack trays. Changing the tools between skin pack, standard and skin-deep formats takes only five minutes.

“We needed a tray-sealing machine that would ensure our high-quality meat was both presented and protected effectively, in order to reach our customers in premium condition,” commented Gary Jones, cutting plant manager at Rhug Estate.

The new model also incorporates Proseal’s in-house developed E-seal technology – a seal system that produces a tight and reliable seal, while reducing compressed air usage by over 90%, delivering energy and cost savings.

Due to the semi-automatic operation, the machine is suitable for small businesses that don’t require a fully automatic in-line tray sealer, while its compact dimensions mean it is suitable for fitting into small areas.

“With limited space available in our packing operation, we approached Proseal to help us come up with an appropriate solution,” added Jones. “The GTR-E meets our requirements, and we have been delighted with the high standard of service from Proseal and the reliability and efficiency of the machine.”

The rotary operation of the packaging machine means a new tray can be loaded while the previous one is being sealed, helping to meet production line requirements.

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