Yorkshire wagyu a hit at Hao Cow

Driffield’s The Yorkshire Wagyu Company has become the sole meat supplier to Weymouth-based independent burger restaurant Hao Cow. 

The meat company now provides Hao Cow with a chuck steak and short rib wagyu meat combination weekly, which the chefs at the restaurant turn into 100% wagyu burgers.

Wagyu is famed for its intense fat marbling through the meat, which gives the beef a deep flavour. Hao Cow is the only outlet in Dorset where Yorkshire Wagyu is available.

Farmer and co-founder of The Yorkshire Wagyu Company Jonathan Shepherd says this is only the beginning.

“We’d eventually like to supply outlets like Hao Cow nationwide and the fact that an eatery in Weymouth is serving our wagyu is definitely a step in the right direction. We’re pleased to work with a progressive business that is dedicated to serving the best quality wagyu meat.”

Sacha Phillip, marketing administrator at Hao Cow, said the restaurant found out about The Yorkshire Wagyu Company while searching for the best-quality wagyu meat available in the UK.

“We spoke with Jonathan who understood exactly what we needed, and he helped us to create the perfect blend of wagyu cuts for the ultimate burger.

“Our customers say these burgers are the best they’ve ever tasted, and they can’t seem to get enough of them. We love them because they’re rich and packed full of flavour.

“We don’t need to add anything to the wagyu meat other than some salt and pepper – it’s perfect for our patties.”

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