South African dish hits pork-themed restaurant

After opening in March, a taste of South Africa has been welcomed by Windermere’s The Pig. 

The restaurant’s menu, which is comprised of 70% pork dishes, has also found room for babotie, a spicy lamb-based dish with a savoury custard.

“We have been very surprised by the popularity of babotie and are pleased our customers are enjoying a new taste,” said Ian Dutton, The Pig’s owner, who also chefs at the restaurant with his son Harry.

“We’ve also been delighted by the overall response to The Pig, which has had a phenomenal three months. We do have some very original dishes on our menu and it’s not for everyone, but our customers seem to be enjoying experimenting with unique food such as goat burger and gourmet American hot dogs. The feedback we’re getting is that it’s great to discover a venue in the Lakes [District] serving audacious food.”

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