Tesco launches waste-reducing poultry packaging

Tesco has unveiled new packaging for its chicken fillets in an effort to keep food fresher for longer and reduce wastage. 

Its 300g two-portion chicken fillets now come in a pack with separate compartments for each fillet and a tear seal between the two.

The retailer said that this will enable customers to ‘eat one and keep one’ which it hopes will help to reduce food waste at home.

The packaging has been developed in partnership with Tesco’s poultry supplier Cargill and its packaging supplier Linpac. It will be looking to roll this out nationally to all stores as soon as possible.

Matt Simister, Tesco commercial director of fresh food and commodities said: “By eating one and keeping one we are allowing our customers to retain a fully sealed pack in the fridge which keeps the product fresher. This provides an easier storage solution for people to either freeze or refrigerate the other.

“We are the first retailer in the UK to launch this pack. We will not be charging a premium to our customers for the pack, compared to the existing packaging. Tesco will be absorbing the extra production costs because we want to help our customers reduce food waste without asking them to pay anything extra.

“This change is part of our wider plan to reduce food waste at source, in store and at home. We have already made great progress and if you want to find out more about how Tesco is working to reduce the waste of surplus food, here are 11 ways in which we are helping to reduce waste.”

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