Ireland’s Black Pudding Festival returns for a fourth year

This year’s Black Pudding Festival is set to run in conjunction with Northern Ireland’s Year of Food and Drink’s ‘Love NI Meat’, which is the theme for the month of August. 

Although taking place throughout August, on the 12th of the month people will gather at Castle Archdale Country Park near Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh for a community event. It is designed to showcase varieties of black pudding from around the world, with chefs demonstrating their best dishes using the product.

“The Black Pudding Festival is really gathering momentum across Fermanagh,” said butcher Pat O’Doherty, who initiated the event. “It’s immensely encouraging to see tourism organisations getting behind the event I launched four years ago to showcase the flavour and versatility of the puddings.”

O’Doherty’s passion for meat is steeped in his interest in beef and bacon. This fascination led him produce Fermanagh Black Bacon and Traditional Fermanagh Corned Beef.

Black puddings from 20 nations will be on show at the event, which will also provide the opportunity for local people to enter their own puddings into a cook-off competition.

“I am really keen to draw out as many different black pudding recipes as possible because virtually every community has its own, using different ingredients and ways of making the puddings,” explained O’Doherty.

“Many families in Ireland have their own recipes. We’ll select the best and give their owners a chance to cook live on stage. The winner will then receive a special award.”

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