Welsh butcher expands business operations

Jamie Ward’s Traditional Family Butchers has opened its second store in Churchstoke, on the Wales/England border. 

The family business has taken over the butcher counter in Tuffins supermarket. “I went in with a view to supplying their multidecks with our wholesale range,” Jamie Ward told Meat Trades Journal. “By the end of the conversation, they offered us the butcher’s.”

Having supplied to the store in the past, Ward said he knew the potential the location could bring. “We’ve put a completely different perspective on the whole place. We’ve given it a real facelift if you like.”

Using all locally sourced produce, the business offers the full traditional range, but with a modern touch. Ward explained: “There are some good butchers in the area, and they have been very long- and well-established butchers who offer a good range of meat, but in my view, they’re what I would call a traditional butcher. We want to offer something different. We use carcase beef as much as we possibly can – it’s either Welsh Black or certified Welsh because the stores are in Wales.”

According to Ward, the key to a successful butchery business is communication with customers. “All my butchers are expected to know how to cook everything,” he said. “Anybody who comes in can ask anything and we would be expected to be able to advise them exactly how to cook it and what to serve it with etcetera.”

Since opening the new shop, which will join the original in Wrexham, Ward said it had been fantastically received. “We couldn’t have expected anything more.”

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