Aldi capitalises on wagyu demand with rump steak offer

Supermarket chain Aldi is securing its position as the largest retailer of wagyu steak following on from the success of its wagyu rib-eye and sirloin steaks for Father’s Day. 

Although widely considered to be the best and priciest beef in the world, Aldi is offering its Specially Selected Wagyu Rump Steaks for under £5. The products are available for a limited time only from Thursday, 25 August, just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend.

Earlier this year, the supermarket sold its Specially Selected Wagyu Beef Burgers for a limited time only. It reported that over 3,000 of the burgers were sold per hour across the UK, highlighting the growth in popularity for the beef.

“Wagyu beef has proven very successful with our customers and we are delighted to offer wagyu rump steaks for under £5,” said Tony Baines, joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi.

“Aldi are continuing to offer premium-quality products at everyday low prices, allowing customers to make substantial savings on luxury products without compromise.”

The limited steaks are produced from cattle that are both outdoor reared and 100% grass-fed on open New Zealand pastures. The method of rearing allows for the meat to have a more distinctive rich flavour and texture complete with good marbling coverage, which produces a more tender and succulent product when cooked.

Due to the limited supply, customers can only buy two steaks per purchase.

Aldi’s Specially Selected Wagyu Rump Steaks are available for £4.99 at 227g.

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