calculates calorie content of barbecues

New research from has revealed that our favourite grilled meats may come at a cost. 

The online retailer has analysed the calorie content of some popular barbecue dishes, and how long we need to work out to burn them off.

It may be our meaty favourites that come with the most calories, but even salad options need some time to be burned off.

“We all love a bank holiday BBQ and as this weekend is the last one of summer, what better time for a final blow out?” said a spokesperson.

“But as you chomp down on all our favourites, just bear in mind the calories you’re consuming, especially with things like the salad which most of us would expect to contain fewer than they do.

“And remember the booze – beer and wine are packed with calories. Factor that in with your meaty favourites and creamy salads and you could be spending extra hours in the gym!”

BBQ Favourite Calories Exercise
Cheeseburger 438 49 mins circuit training
Hot Dog 327 55 mins punch bag
Chicken Drumsticks 113 14 mins high impact aerobics
Sirloin Steak 502 55 mins jogging
Potato Salad 145 39 mins walking
Coleslaw 124 12 mins Zumba
Pasta Salad 186 62 mins rowing machine
Glass of wine 188 24 mins jet skiing
Bottle of beer 132 19 mins swimming
Tomato Ketchup 15 2 mins spinning

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